Singles Ministry

Core Leadership Team


Our vision as singles is to live a devoted life unto God. We are committed to winning in life by following the examples and guidance of Jesus Christ. We are committed to living our lives as examples for other singles while looking inwardly to examine ourselves. And as we continue to look inwardly, we will inevitably be reaching outwardly to the world and the Body of Christ. Our vision is maintain our hearts, minds, and souls on our First Love, and that’s Jesus Christ. Our vision of this ministry cannot go forth without God being the Head and Center of our achievements. It is only through His LOVE that He will (L)et (O)ur (V)ision (E)xist…


~Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love…
Revelation 2:4

Our Mission is to:

To offer a safe, compassionate environment where Single Christians can accept, develop and strengthen their walk of wholeness in Christ Connect and network with other Single Christians within the Body of Christ

To acknowledge and teach that the process of being one with Christ and one with self is important in order to experience the best that God has for us

To involve ourselves in community activities, prayer, outreach, and other Christian fellowship geared towards singles

To encourage and instill the mind-set through spiritual growth and awareness that Single Christians can walk in the knowledge and confidence of their wholeness through Jesus Christ

To help Single men and women discover their identity and purpose in Christ and the true design God has for their lives To utilize and walk in our spiritual gifts as we serve the Body of Christ